Im looking to get a combo tube amp Or a Half Stack ("Yes, im gigging but using the venue's equipment which sucks ass")

i would like to get a great lead tone from the amp alone, no pedals.

im looking for sounds similar to gilbert/malmsteen/micheal angelo batio/Children of bodom

clear lead tones, good range of eq options for rythem, thrash metal etc.., and of course good cleans

i would like an amp with 3 or more channels, but i could do with 2.

I have looked on youtube and the net at:

Bugera 333xl - Its pretty good but i heard it breaks after a few months :S
marshall 410H - good but expensive
Line 6 Spider (Combo version)
Randall rg 50-TC

they seem pretty good but i have only tried the marshall out i thought it was pretty good, can anyone give me some reccomendations.
lots of people have been talking about the Peavey Valve King, whats good about that??

O yer my max budget is £800-900.
also i use a jackson RR3 with EMG's

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The VK won't get you Bodom levels of gain, just ask mike.h.

Try out a B-52 AT112 and a Laney GH50LN, Peavey 6505+ and a used Peavey JSX combo.
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