...imitates instruments such as a trumpet or violin etc? Does anyone know a pedal which does this and sounds good?
Thanks a lot.
I like the e-bow myself, and the mt-2 is good if you like a grind tone.
for the instruments... the only pedal i know for guitar is the Roland GR-20 Synthesizer, theres a review for it on youtube done by Robert Marcello (neoclassical player).

and for the metal zone... it sucks ass.. i had one and i thought it was 150$ spent for nothing...
The best I can think of is the Rolan Guitar Synthesizers...the GR-20 and GR-33.

I think the MT-2, unmodded, is too harsh...the tone is too nasal to me. It's not bad, per se, it's just not my thing. I used to own one, but sold it because I preferred my amp tone.
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if you set a Boss DD-3 to a Sitar Mode. Just trying to help

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to get the best sounds, use a midi pickup and a good midi program. reason has some awesome sounds. its the industry standard.
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