I need a book that includes Scalles arpeggios modes and other stuff like that. It needs to be in tab and have music notation above and contain other usefull stuff like what notes to play over what chord ect.

thanks for any suggestions in advance
Hey, if i were you id look into just music theory because it then it applies to every insturment you can play but dont let that stop you from getting a bass theory book because im sure it will touch on the more important things to know concerning bass
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one tip though, just learn the basic to semi-basic ****, I've never needed to learn advanced theory (some call it 'harmony')

and learn scales, they'll help A LOT if you ever decide to play solos.
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^Learn as much as you want. Just because you never learnt it doesn't mean it's not important. I love learning theory because every time I learn something a put it to use in a song.

Anyway, there is no real "bass theory". There is only theory, so pick up a decent theory book like the AB guide to music theory or Alfred's. Or better yet, get a good teacher who's done some schooling at post-secondary with music. He'll probably know more useless theory than you'll ever need.

When the new FAQ goes up, I will enhance this list. I am a music book *****, sad to say, so I've got a tonne of bass books on a variety of subjects.
Rudiments of Music by Barbara Wharram is a really good place to start.
You understand all basic parts of music, not just strictly bass stuff.
I find it's wonderful.
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