I want something more for good mids and highs, but i don't want bad lows. It's been suggested that I get an 1X8 or 1X10. SWR looks good, any other suggestions?

also, somewhere around 20-50w... preferably.
I've always liked the Acoustic AB50
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well u said you wanted something greater then $300 but i assume you meant less so i guess i would have to agree with the acoustic suggestion since they are quite popular around here or for an extra $70 you can get the 100 watt fender bassman combo
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Peavey Basic 112, I think it might be over $300 though, not sure. But it is a great amp, worked for me for the past... 4 years. Dang, I'm getting old...

But it's American made, the quality on it is excellent, and when externally jacked to a cab, it gives me enough power to fill the Basketball stadium.

Edit: Oh and it's 75watts, and has a 12 inch speaker. (Hence the name 112)