I really like how it looks but I've read some conflicting reviews.. Mainly I'm wondering if its unplugged sound is like a decent acoustic guitar or like an unplugged electric. Cause reviews really aren't consistent about that.

(Also if anyone owns it, tell me in general what you think of it.)

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I would also like to know, because I was actually looking at getting one of these to have a cheap acoustic to take to college.

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I have the TCY-15, which appears to be the same thing with a different finish (mine is a glittery purple).

Mine is not terrible, but I rarely play it. I don't feel like the neck is as comfortable as my other guitars, and I think the sound is a little boxy. I would actually advise you not to go with an acoustic-electric unless you are sure you will need to play through an amp. If you are just playing in your room, a regular acoustic will do the trick. You can get a better quality guitar this way, and if you eventually start playing gigs you can mic the guitar or install a pickup. If you really do need an acoustic electric...I guess it would be an option to consider for a $200 budget. Can you afford to spend more money? See if you can find something with a solid top.

If you are asking is the sound will be as loud as a regular acoustic unplugged- then the answer is yes! All acoustic electrics have the louder volume of an acoustic guitar- the just have the option of getting really loud when played through an amp. Sorry if this wasn't what you were asking, I just thought I'd try to help.
thanks that was helpful..

but just to clarify.. ur saying the volume is just like an acoustic guitar but the quality isn't as good?

and i really just want it to use as an acoustic cause i don't have one but i thought that one looks rly cool.. idk.. do u think i'd be better off just getting a normal acoustic?
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I immediately clenched my butthole after reading that...
It sounds just like an acoustic guitar, in fact, I've only played it plugged in about 3 times since I've had it. I really think you could get a better guitar for the money. Your best bet would be to go to your local music store and play around on a few different models to see what feels good to you. I wouldn't recommend buying something online without ever playing it. Try to look for something with a solid top, as the tone will get better as it ages. I would definitely look at yamaha and maybe even alvarez for a good guitar that dosen't cost too much.

I really liked the look of my talman when I first got it, but after a year or too I started to crave the more traditional look of a dreadnought.
Ok, thanks. I guess I'll get off my lazy ass and go to guitar center soon.
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I immediately clenched my butthole after reading that...