2 questions about cleaning...

1. Is it ok to take off all the strings then put them all back on or should I do it one 1 at a time

2. Can lemon oil clean rosewood and mahogony fretboards?

i was told by a guitar tech that as long as you de-tune the strings one by one and take them off one by one, the neck should be fine.

i have used lemon oil on my rosewood boards but if you just want to clean it then i would not use lemon oil. i use GHS FastFret - it cleans the strings and the board.

a while ago i asked the same 2 questions as you, ts, and i'm giving you the answers which have worked for me.
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1. I usually take all the strings off, but restring them all in the same setting. So far, nothing terrible has happened.

2. Not sure, someone else probably knows though.
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