i just broke my E string, that small one, and i broke the replacement trying to replace it. So can i play with it broken, or is it not a good idea. Also, what size are "normal" guitar strings so i can pick up a new pack
I'm pretty sure it won;t mess up your guitar. As for string sizes, there really is no normal size; it's personal preference. For lead, i;d recommend thinner strings (bottom e being a 9), thicker for rhythm or downtuning (bottom e a 13).
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i dont think it matters. i did the same thing once and nothing "bad" happened to my guitar. plus i barley use that string at all
You wont mess it up.. just replace it as soon as you can so your neck doesn't warp, but don't be too worried. Normal string gauge is .10 for the high E and .46 for the low E. These strings are called "tens"

idk why the person above tried to complicate things, almost every guitar comes stock with 10's.
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Yeah its totally fine I believe. As said above, thinner for lead, thicker for rhythm. Anyway, even if you play rhythm, it is still fine to use thinner strings(and waaay less painful).

And here are some songs to play without a 1st E-string.

1.Tears in Heaven- Eric Clapton
2.Layla - Eric Clapton
3.Hey there Delailah - Plain White Tees.

Well thats about all I know for now, if you're into other genres than I can't really help you much.