can someone explainto me how wireless n based routers work? i think they are just more powerful b and g right? very basically im saying at least.. b and g device still work on them correct?
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yeah, i'm pretty sure b and g are still compatible with n. n is just much stronger and faster than the other 2.
Wireless N runs at 2.4 - 5.0 Ghz

Up to 600Mbit/s

Range of 70m

Utilizes up to four antennaes to transmit and recieve seperate signals

Since it uses several anttanaes it has a broader range

It is still in the draft stage which means if you buy a N router or wireless card they may not be compatible with each other.

It will be finalized around mid 09'

Several draft versins.

If you buy a product ensure you take a look at the number next to the big N. It will say "802.11N draft4"

Compatible with B/G

Hope this helps.