I got bored, and I took the neck off my peavey raptor. I redrilled a few holes and fit the neck on a first act body. Its only got a place for one pickup, and thats in the bridge. Now before i post this, i kno thr first act and the peavey raptor are **** guitars, but the raptors wiring went out and the first acts wiring is ok. So whats a decent bridge pick up to throw in it? I play metal and some hard rock.
DiMarzio Super Distortion, Or if you have a bit of money you could go for that SD 78 custom pickup which is meant to be great. You could also go with the tried and tested JB I suppose. I would be hesitant to spend a lot of money on it though unless you are gigging with it (to smash it at the end of the show)
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dimarzio super distortion are sweet, but thats crap wood

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EMG 81 + 18v mod. Do it.
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whats a +18v mod?

mod it to take double 9 volt batteries I believe.
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