My friend found a Japanese Telecaster on the side of the road. It has everything and works but the neck is messed up and beyond repair. So would it be worth it to take it off his hands and slap a new neck on there?
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Let me get this straight. You found a tele....on the road.....so yor getting it for free.....and your wondering about replacing the neck?? Unless you get neck worth more than the guitar if you would buy it at a store, why wouldnt you?

You damn guys always get these lucky breaks. You litterally see guitars lying by the road. How much freaking luckier can you get?
It wouldn't be free. He wants my hundred dollar Compression Pedal. So it'd be a 100 dollar pedal and like 150 bucks for a new neck.
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So it's worth it? xD I've never played/heard anything about a japanese tele.
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Not the original neck. But there's a serial on the body. It's a fender jap somewhere between 1985 and 1989.
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