Hey people, I'm Phil from Alis grave nil and id like you guys to take a look at my band. We recently won battle of the bands 2008 in Aberystwyth due to our amazing live performances and our original and creative music.


SO far our best songs are Victor 77, Shooting Star She Saw and Enemigo. These are not professionally recorded but are done using our singers macbook pro and some cables lol.

Please give feedback and feedback will also be given to you

You may also check my profile for songs which I have performed myself if u wanna look at those 2
It was catchy as hell, but I'd suggest turning the vocals down in some parts.

Feel free to check out my music, there's a link in my sig. It's kind of the opposite of this though, I can't promise you'll like it.
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Just to update anyone who is here in the UK we have updated our shows part and are playing The Alternative Mayball In Aberystwyth and for you midlanders we are playing at the victoria Inn in Derby on the 21st of April.

WE are currently In the process of booking a small UK tour so When that has been finalised I'll send out another update.

Cheers guys