Hi i was wondering if some people could help and find out what kind of scales to learn for Bay area thrash and a few others.

Bands that use scales id like to learn

Death(Symbolic album)
Children Of Bodom
Children Of Bodom
Thrash? WTF?

But... Minor Scales, vio-lence uses the A Harmonic Minor, D Minor and B Minor allot.

It would be best to use many scales though...
Also, many bands just go chromaticlly...
Im not trying to play like those bands i just wanted reference what type of scales they use because im just trying to get an idea list for practice to see what scales I like the sound to it and with phrasing what does it sound like.
Solo's in Minor/Pentatonic. Riffs in a mix of Minor, Phrygian and Locrian. They pretty much doodle arround only following the scales loosely and switching a lot. So if you want to sound like them you'll have to just doodle around aswell.
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You're looking in the wrong place - you should be examining the chord progressions they use, that in turn will show you what scales you can solo in.
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