so.. i got this job a month or so ago, and between that and school ive played guitar maybe 3 hours in the last month, compared to an hour a day or so usually

anyway, i picked up my ibanez today
and i SUCK
i played for an hour or so trying to get back into it

so anyway, im considering it as a minor restart
i beg you dont flame me, but can somebodddyyyy just kind of explain scales and stuff to me and a good way to get barre cords down and how to improve my speed and theory and technique

sorry guys
Well, I could try to explain some basic theory and things to you, but I bet it'd be easier for the both of us if you read up on some lessons online. I'm sure they have some on here. And if not here, try some other site. There are tons of free guitar lessons online, all you have to do is google it.

Anyways, the best of luck on getting back into the guitar playing!