okay, haven't written anything in the last couple of months due to school, and suddenly this pops into my head on a bus ride home.

It's still incomplete, but what the hay. I still need imput...

C4C, of course.


We believe
that you're smart
you know that the world is round.

We suspect
you have eyes
you can see clearly what's goin' down.

So tell me what's happening now.

I don't wanna be different anymore,
Bein' different's just a bore.
If you all think you're different too,
then I am just as different as you.
(chorus end)

(Insert unwritten second verse here)


so join the system,
f*** the trends,
we're just another
cookie cutter band

I hate you and
you love me,
we're all the same now
can't you see?

(chorus) x 2


yes, it is satire.
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i like it. i dont know how to 'grade' satires. but i think you should get that 2nd verse in and get back at us.
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i like it. the only problem is, i don't see what you're trying to tell with the beginning, that can just me be tough.let me know when the song is finished.

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