c4c, just please leave a link.

Alright well I'm working on a story, I have this part so far, and i can't figure out anything afterwords. any help at all would be cool, but for now this is what I have:

It was in the sea that I lost myself
Captivated by the emptiness
entrapped in the illusion that I was alone
I never believed in the life under the surface,

It was in the sea that I lost myself,
and it was underneath that I was found.
yeah, I'd agree with doofus41 go along the lines of gods, really just get lost in it yourself and something will hopefully hit you..hard, but still,I like it so far! ha ha and if you could could you check out twelve walls for me, links in my sig, cheers.

Oh, if you dont want to go with the gods, maybe work in the look at it from another persons veiw, a father, a mother, whatever, that might give it some depth, anyway peace.