Hey guys,

i am thinking of getting a new amp i was considering this two(dual rectifier or triamp MKII).I have read from reviews that the triamp is very versatile and on the channel 3 it can produce mesa like gain.is this true? Suddenly i am more slighted to get the triamp haha..Feel free to comment about this two fantastic amps

thanks alot
my mesa is absolutely amazing, i would recommend it. Although i have no idea about the kettner

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I never really liked the sound of Mesas. I'd go with the Kettner.
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Just tried a Triamp in michael wilton's home studio today.

jaw dropping tone.
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haha..mix reactions from everyone.but i have only tried the dual rectifier at the shop and boy it was amazing without me even having to tweak with the settings.is it true the 2 channel ones has more tonal range than the 3 channel(newer) dual rectifiers?
I would go with the Dual Recto. I own a Triamp MKII. I loved it at first (3 years ago), but now I have grown tired of it because the tone is just too polished. I much prefer that fizzy recto tone over the Triamp.
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Just tried a Triamp in michael wilton's home studio today.

jaw dropping tone.

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