Hello everyone, I was wandering what would classical guitars from 1972 would cost?

I did some research around the one i wanna buy but i still can't find any price

Its a yamaha 1972, CG-60 or CG-6d i couldn't make it out on the phone, I'm assuming its 60 since 6d didnt turn as many results as 60.

anyways, Rosewood back and side, cedar top, thats as much as i know about it.

I know the value is around 1500-2500 but the seller wants me to give him an exact price or a pretty close idea for it because he doesnt wanna price it too high or too low to keep it fair for both of us, i did alot of research but still cant find anything, hopefully smn will answer this one
I couldn't find reference to a cg-60. But, found a lot of g-60, vintage type classical.

A critical thing to check is the action. After 30+ years, the neck may have pitched up, sometimes making it unsatisfactory to play.

Check the low E string at 12th fret, look for 3 to 4 mm or so. If it is higher, you will have to sand down the saddle to compensate. However, if someone has already sanded down the saddle, and the action is still high, you may be stuck with high action.