Idk about acoustic but I know alot of electric songs that are a whole step down

Motley Crue
Some Metallica?
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alot of elliott smith songs are a step down. many are kinda easy though.

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Sappy - Nirvana

(Due to song title disputes, the one I'm talking about starts out sayin "And if you save yourself, you will make him happy")

EDIT: to the dude above me, Black hole Sun is drop D (though some play it half-step down)
I may be dense, but what difference would it make? If you tune your instrument down a whole step, and play the same chord positions that you were playing previously... I'll just sound a step lower.
Much as if you put a capo on the second fret to make the whole sound a step higher with the same chord forms.
Tuning down one step is a trick used by baritone male singers to avoid having to sing G-4, while still using common C, D, G open chord voices. Those chords become Bb, C, & F, which are IV, V, & I, (respectively), , in the the key of F major. (G-4 is the G above middle C, or 3rd fret on e-1). That explains "Yesterday". Paul could probably sing the G in the coda, but it is in an awkward position, and can't be screamed.

Al Stewart's "Roads to Moscow", is down 1/2 step. The key is Eb minor, migrating to an Eb Phrygian dominant motif. (Eb to Fb major. ("Fb", weird I know). The whole thing is morose and throaty sounding.
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Quote by mcneb
alot of elliott smith songs are a step down. many are kinda easy though.

Elliott Smith is one of my favorite artists for acoustic. He's as difficult as you want to get with him. You can play an easy variation of his song, or go all out with a song like Tomorrow Tomorrow or Memory Lane.