So I have a squier affinity strat. I am thinking of upgrading the pickups. Before anyone says, "Don't upgrade that piece of crap..." this thing has a very comfortable neck, and sounds great unplugged. I also already have an esp LTD ec-400 and ovation celebrity, and I don't plan on buying another electric anytime soon. So my question is, what would be some good pick-ups to replace the crappy ones on there already? My favorite bands to play at the moment are: staind, oasis, green day, nirvana, and pretty much anything alt rock.
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i would be carefull before swaping pickups. there will be a difference but the bulk of your tone comes form the wood the guitar is made out of and even what kind of metal your bridge is made out of. if your realy in love with it it may be worth it.
^ Most of your tone comes from your amp...

Is it a Fat Strat or S-S-S? If it's S-S-S I'd consider replacing the bridge with a JB Jr.
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nice..i plan on doing the same with an affinity tele this summer. i'd go with the emg's for strat i guess you can get good distortion and they clean up well too.. that green day tone is so hard to get...at least for me...good luck and lemme know how it goes
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iv alwayse wondered wether those pre wired pick guards were any good or not. for 40 bucks i wouldnt expect much tho.
I'm not sure either, but I can't imagine it would be worse than what's on their now lol. Plus it's cheap enough that I won't lose any sleep over it.


I just ordered the pearl pre-wired guard.


Once I get it, i'll post here to let you guys know how it went!
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Ovation CC28 Celebrity
ESP LTD ec-400
Fender DG8S Dreadnaught Kit
Line 6 Spider III 15W Amp
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I just got my new pickups installed! Fantastic! All of the components on the new board are clearly higher quality than the crap installed in the squier just by looking at them. The new board uses much larger, cleaner looking POTs, and the pickups themselves look alot nicer (not dingy and filled with epoxy like the squier ones). The wiring is also neater in this kit than on the original squier. The sound is GREAT! You wouldn't even know it was the same guitar that you were playing. There is a much wider variety of tones you can pull out with these new pickups. For $40 this is more than a worthwhile upgrade. I'll have to post a pic of the final guitar, but i'm sure you guys can visualize it lol. It looks pretty much the same, but with a pearl white finish.

Warning to anyone trying this modification. The squier has only two cables inside to hook up to, while the pre-wired pickup has 3(positive, negative, and ground). One of the wires in the squier[coming from the line out port], contains 2 conductors (positive and negative) and the ground is seperate. You need to strip the wire connected to the line out port 2 times (one long strip about a half inch from the end of the wire, and then strip it again maybe a quarter inch from the end, so that you see 2 different wire strands that you can solder). you'll need to open up the line out port to figure out which of the two strands is connected to pos/neg leads.

Now from the pre wired kit, there were 2 black wires and 1 red wire. The positive red wire was striped really short. There was a black wire striped really short and a black wire stripped really long. i just assumed that the short stripped black wire was the negative lead and the long stripped wire was ground and I was lucky lol.
My Gear:

Ovation CC28 Celebrity
ESP LTD ec-400
Fender DG8S Dreadnaught Kit
Line 6 Spider III 15W Amp
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