i need some extreme help with pickup installations
i want to customize my guitar that has 3 single coil pickups to a guitar to a guitar with 2 single coil and a humbucker pickup like a SSH guitar is this possible
my guitar is uncommon from a brand called Palmer i have some pictures of it maybe someone can help me with this I want to kno if its posible cuz i really want to upgrade it
guitar 1.JPG
guitar 2.JPG
guitar 3.JPG
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Seymour Duncan makes a single-coil sized humbucker. It's called a JB Jr. Also, Duncan makes a similar, higher output pickup (the size of a single coild) called a Hot Rails. I've got one of each in my SSS Fender Strat, and it sounds great.
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First of all, the brand name may be uncommon, but the style of your guitar is not. Secondly, it is possible, but it may take woodwork, and will surely require wiring and a new pickguard. Judging by your post, I get the feeling like you don't have much experience, and may want someone else to do it for you.

edit: ^ good post, TS, this is a much easier option than putting a normal HB in your strat copy... pretty much drops right in (besides the soldering)
daNm thanks for da comments guys !! i would love to get more inputs on this
There isn't really much more input anyone can give. Given your apparent skill level, you're better off just getting a couple of these Seymour Duncan JB Jr.'s or getting Hot Rails. The only thing we can ask is what kind of music do you play, because the Hot Rails would probably be better for any harder music because they are hotter (I assume, given the name ) than the JB Jr.'s.

Also, are you sure you don't want HSS configuration? Because SSH would mean you'd have a humbucker in the neck, which is absolutely fine, just different.
I'm doing the exact same thing currently to my old Kramer strat clone that has a SSS config. I bought a Duncan Designs stacked humbucker that fits in a single coil size that I'm going to place in the bridge position. I'm just a little confused on wiring. There is a section the the instructions that says you need to swap the green and black wires if you are installing in a strat. Mine is a strat clone so I'm not sure if I should do it or not.

I just installed the Duncan pickup into my strat clone and I think I have an issue. On paper that pickup should be way hotter than the 20 year old stock EMG single coils. But after installing it it definately seems to have much less output. I'm not sure if I got the wiring correct or not.