I need help in being able to figure out chords by looking at sheet music made for a Piano or organ. You know the kind of music that do not have the chords already written on them- just the Musicial Notation. Is there anyone that can help me out?
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post pics and I will decifer!
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This is very easy to do once you know your triads, inversions, etc. You just need to know which notes make up the chords. For example if there's a C octave in the left hand, you might have C E and G in the right, which is going to give you a C chord. Of course then you have to watch out for 7ths, 9ths, etc. But yeah - look up triads and that will give you a starting point.
I like to start by writing down each note in the chord, then interpreting which is likely the root note (if it isn't doubled or in the bass, make an educated guess). If you know the names of all the intervals and the composition of the more common chords, you will arrive at a (or a few) chords. So look at a chart and choose your voicing!

btw this is the long way of doing things. once you practice it should become much easier
Look at the notes, determine which chord each grouping of notes might make, arrange to be possible to play on guitar. OK, it's not that simple, I know. Start with simpler piano music and work your way up.

Oh yeah, if you don't know already, learn the theory behind chord construction. This will be key in expediting the process.