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I want to change the pups in my Les Paul Studio soon.

I play mostly high gain metalcore type stuff.

Like... Avenged Sevenfold, The Fall of Troy, The Number 12 Looks Like You, Bullet For My Valentine.
Stuff kind of like those bands.

My amp is a Mesa Rect-o-verb.
I'm looking to get clearer highs and mids.
I want to put hotter pups into my les paul than the stock 490ts?

I was thinking about putting Bareknuckle Nailbombs into my Les Paul.
They seem pretty high quality and perfect for what I'm looking to do.
Does anyone know anything about these pick ups?

Anybody have any recommendations?
Bareknuckles are some of the best pickups out there. You won't be disappointed.

And just for the record, The Fall of Troy is DEFINITELY not metalcore.


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I know but genres are stupid, Fall of Troy doesn't even fit a genre considering every single song on manipulator sounds so different.
They're progressive... that genre knows no limits. But I digress... please avoid the invader suggestion, those pickups are muddy and harsh with gain and have terrible cleans.


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burstbuckers. They will give you the thickest distortion in my opinion. Going active would just be downgrading your tone.
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The Bareknuckles would be sweet for sure, but expensive.

I'd go with a Duncan SH-4/SH-1 set or put a Gibson 498 and 500 in it instead.
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Do not go to UG for advice on what good tone would be, because the only consistent reply you will get is vastly differing opinions, people blindly arguing at eachother, and the same basic answers. EMG, Dimarzio, Seymore Duncan, Burstbuckers, Customs... If you have to ask UG, ask about something definite; reliability or reputation. But do your actual tonal selections yourself.

Fall of Troy plays so much different stuff that basing your pickups on their tone is very vague. Choose the features you want... high gain, harmonic response, high output... or maybe clarity, fatty, midrangy, punchy but not too hot... combine what you want and do some research.

For tonal quality and versatility, I'd say Burstbuckers if you're taking a quick path, they'd be versatile for you... but there's always a guy that lives in Redding that handwinds pickups for the same price as production. It's called WB Pickups and they have a fantastic reputation.


You can always call the guy and chat with him about what would fit your style best.
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those stock pickups are definately good enough to not replace. Probably better to invest in effects/amp
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