Hey, this is the first song I have uploaded to UG. I just made it today and its up on my profile. Crit4crit I suppose is how this is done. The song doesn't have drums yet as I don't have any way to add them. If anyone knows of a good drum machine for mac or would like to make a really simple 8 bar drum pattern and send it to me that i can add during the second portion of the song that would be great. As you were.
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Hey not bad at all. At some points I felt a little lost in the soloing but I still liked it. Im interested to see what you come up with next. Check my songs out and tell me what you think. I just uploaded freedom and cool green today.
it was arite dude, maybe make the backing guitar more apeggiated eg like a 2 octave major arpeggio. your timing needs work but your playing sounds pretty stable.