I have an Epiphone Flying V 67 reissue in ebony with a 3-ply white pickguard and Epiphone hardshell case. The guitar has no scratches with very little buckle rash. The case shows some wear on the bottom edge but it's a case.

Would like to trade for an Epiphone Les Paul Standard or Custom with gig bag or case or sell for $375 obo.

Pics are in my profile. Can take more if interested.
dude i would but i cant today...or maybe even tomorrow...im ight be till wednesday or tuesday because its at where my band is prapcticing and i dont think well be practicing tomorrow but we will on monday or tuesday....so once i get the guitar i will take pics....
Dean Or Die- can i get some pics. you can either post or pm them but im really interested.
do u have an email so i can send it to u from my phone....and how is the condition on the v
I have a Washburn WI64 with some modding done to it (pickup swaps and wiring mods)
Call me Wes.
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darkarbiter7-no thanks already had a WI-64DL
Dean Or Die- you have another pm
Price drop to $315. would like to sell, trade for tube amp combo, or pedals and cash.