Ok so i just got the software only version of guitar rig 3 but i cant get my guitar to work with it. I tried connecting it in the microphone jack, line in jack. i also tried fiddling with the lathency controls but still nothing. Any suggestions?
I guess you gotta have some kind of external soundcard. Like the one you get with Guitar Rig: Session... I dont think you can plug you'r guitar into your computer, unless you have some kind of soundcard with a jack-input..
Works for me fine when I just plug it into the line in at the back of the Desktop computer (and my computers just a crappy Dell).
Doesn't work on my laptop anymore though..strange.
I suggest you fiddle around with the "Audio and Midi Settings".
(Input and Output setting) haha

EDIT: Oh and make sure your guitar is plugged into the Line IN on the computer so it can try to recognize it and then mess around with the Audio and Midi Settings.

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Does your guitar make any noise when you plug it into the line in jack usually? Apparently it should work through there (I plug mine through my soundcard).

If your guitar doesn't make any noise through the speakers when you plug it in your line in or whatever, then Guitar Rig won't fix that problem.

Regarding playing around with settings, if you're not getting any sound through your speakers normally with your guitar, ie, just running it clean, then this is not the issue. Latency is something you'll want to ajust once you have it all working, to record you will need to lower the latency to as low as you can get it on your card. Since you're using your built in card you might have some problems with this but once you get the guitar working you'll find out.
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did you adjust the audio and midi settings ? there are couple of things you do and its hard to type the instructions down here. you can go to the sound settings from control panel and check the microphone thing and check microphone boost. also i tweaked guitar rig 3 for the latency problem.the synchronization is absolutely fine now.