I used to listen to these guys a fair bit have since regressed to Mahumodo / *Shels / Cult of Luna as they do the same sort of thing but a lot better IMO.
my least favourite of the mahumodo-related bands. 'like its your last' was a good tune, havent really heard that much of the newer stuff.
I've lost touch with them too. The EP was pretty good but they were always going to struggle to produce stuff as good as the Mahumodo releases.
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I always thought the vocals were the weakest part of the band too, can't stand them anymore.
One of the best British bands, out there, truly original. Needs moar love. Better then Shels* for one thing.
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My friend said that the vocalist is actually have vocal problems or something, not too long ago at least...

anyways favourite songs? i dont really listen to them much, got them though