Which amp is better for a metallica type sound? Both these amps are about the same ( I know the crates were very cheap, but I can seem to find a cheap v33). Which is a better overall amp? Also what is the difference between cathode biased and something that isn't. I was wondering because it dosen't say if the v33 has any preamps. Just says 4 el84 output tubes.
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The v33 has 3 12AX7's in the preamp, but I think with some kind of OD pedal or boost on the Windsor would do Metallica better...you really have to play with the OD channel on the v33 to get not such a bassy, throaty sound out of it (I had to put a Hardwire OD infront of it).
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Hey JoePerry, like he ^ said the Windsor will get much closer to Metallica on it's own. That amp is going after the JCM800 kinda sound. The Windsor has quite a bit of grit on it's own but an OD pedal will help you get there quicker while keeping things tight. I've played the Windsor several times now but not with an OD pedal.

IIRC - It has 4-EL34 power tubes. They are Cathode biased which means you don't have to bias the tubes when installing new. Just plug and play as long as they are purchased as a matched set. Fixed bias means you have to fix or adjust the bias on the power tubes so they operate together at the correct voltage.

Hey - are you the guy that was looking at that used Windsor?