okay so in short i have around 6000+ emails in my inbox , most spam and i want to empty my inbox on hotmail............ how do i do that?

and yes i now blacked the source of spam
Select All>Delete?
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Theres no select all button =S

theres one which only selects all the emails on one page =(
or simply get a new email account

you may have to go back in inbox history many times to erase all of them
well a new account would mean a new ID and i have way toomany contacts on this one....

no other way??

Hmm, leave it till Christmas eve, if you can't sleep it'll give you something to do
The only way to do it is to select all on the page with the tickbox thing and do it on every page.
I'd suggest getting a new mail, if that's how you got to do it. I've got 4 E-mail addresses actually. Hotmail, GMail, Netcom (Scandinavian phone and Internet distributor) and my work mail. Gmail is the best one, with an awesome spam filter, and a archive function plus a lot of other stuff. I barely use my hotmail, partly due to lacking features.
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