been up since 3am being constantly sick and i cant eat or drink cause i just puke it back up. well at least i got a full day to play some guitar and what not...
anyone else here sick?
Bed, TV and a bucket by your bed. No other way of going about it.

Try to sleep while listening to the TV, and not watching it, make for some and not others though.

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I was off ill yesterday, went into work this morning and my boss told me to go home
yep...my wife and I are both sick. The weather here has sucked ass all week too so its a good week to be sick.
I was sick last night, took too much Robitussin.

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I rarely get sick anymore but I feel your pain. I'd suggest lying on a cold tile floor, it's the most comforting thing to do when you have alcohol induced sickness. It also means you're close to the toilet if you need to hurl. Either that or get a lukewarm bath, have some tea then lie in bed with a good movie.
if you've got a bug or something, best thing to do is to keep trying to eat, hopefully you'll throw up whatever's annoying your stomach - that's what happened to me a few weeks ago. otherwise lie in bed with a bucket and watch beverly hills cop
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Best thing I found if you keep being sick - drink Powerade or something similar.
When you vomit it doesn't leave such a foul taste in your mouth, easier on the throat plus it also gives you back those fancy electrolytes we love so much.

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Whenever I'm stuck at home sick, I usually try to take advantage of it as much as I can. I mean as in: you're stuck at home (usually by yourself) and it gives you a good opportunity to reflect on life and stuff happening currently. Haha, that probably sounds a bit weird, but that's just me
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cheers for the advise guys, just watched 28 days later. it kinda helped to realise at least im not throwing up a ton of blood
edit: has anyone got any advise on what to eat and drink? i havnt had anything since i started throwing up
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