Right, I thought about putting this in the gear thread but I'm guessing that's for guitar-related gear, mostly. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, I'm looking for a mic that's good for recording vocals and instruments. I have a budget of about $200-250 (about 120-150 for you Americans.)
I'm not worried so much about live performance, but it would be nice to have it able to do both.

I was thinking of the Shure SM57 or SM58. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Rode M3 Seriously.

Edit: I wasn't paying attention after I saw the first $ price hehe, I'm not sure what they'd cost over there so you'd prbably have to stretch your budget a little but for recording vocals and instruments without having various mics for their own nuances I'd say the M3 is great for the price - I own one and use it for acoustic guitars and have used it for vocals before. I got mine for £75 thought that was in a shop's closing down sale...

Rode M3 (Aus site)
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GO with the sm58 they're bullet proof and always sound great
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GO with the sm58 they're bullet proof and always sound great

Not the best for recording though. I'd go with a nice condenser.. but the pit really isn't the place for this thread.. The gear forum would get alot better responses.
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SM57s are more for recording instruments, i don't think they hold up too well against vocals too much, when recording guitars with an SM58 (or equivelent) it sounds very trebly, i think you should look at condensers like the rest said, maybe an AKGC1000, although i am not sure on price.

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57's and 58's are good (especially live) but a condenser mic is much better for recording. Make sure you have something to power them (either phantom power, some can have a battery) and be more careful with them.