flourishning long dormant memories; you scream
you look for my face and you call out my name
i was the pillar of strength, you broke
i kept you together and now theres no hope
confusion and transcending madness
a mask says you're complete
transparent happiness
why do you seem weak

crawling, your cries of pity are futile
ignoring you has become protocol
my name will soon spread like a plague
the legacy you've built soon shall fade

spirt dissipating
drifting apart
you feel your bones crack and soon
your heart stops
spiritual collapse there is no escape
you're drifting away
drifting away

remember all the hearts that you broke
remember all the lies you told
all the men you made savages
hell bent on killing you

every day that goes by
you grow a colder little inside

i was the one who took the pain away
i was the one who kept you around to this day
now i simply regret you existence
your death will come soon
i see the blood on my hands...

i know where you live, through your window i creep
i've come to take what is mine to reap
sleeping gently like an angel
a bringer of bad news
with the flick of a trigger...

spiritual collapse
blood gaping from the hole in your head
spiritual collapse
the hole you left me, has me wishing i was dead
spirtual collapse
you took my heart from me
in hell, we'll once again meet
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Very Good, I assume It's Metal, which I love. Very Dark but still with the feelings and meaning that a great song needs. Still pretty Hardcore for me my lyrics are usually a little less brutal but I definitly like it. If you get the time maybe you could check out some of my lyrics? Like I said, a little less brutal, but to each his own, Keep it up