Darn solos. I can't seem to get the hang of them. I can't play fast enough and my fingers get all tangled up. ): Are there any exercises out there that might help in my speed, picking, etc etc?

Learning scales will help in solos, right? I haven't bothered to seriously take the time to learn scales yet, because all of that theory seriously makes my brain explode. No matter how hard I try they never really enter my brain.

So are there any good and easy to understand scale tutorials out there?
hey firstly the best way to reach the speed you want is to start VERY SLOWLY and build up (Y)
as for tutorials on scales there are a few good ones here on UG and they are worth the time it takes to learn them
speed comes with accuracy, so be patient, play the solos over and over again! dont try shredding right away, try to play fast licks up to speed first, and then put the parts together, maybe that's gonna help you!
Different people learn in different ways, but the best tip i can give you; is, play relaxed and let it flow. Both with your pick hand and with your fret hand. When I say, "let it flow", I mean, whatever speed you're practicing in, keep the rhythm going. Even if you make mistakes. Learn to not stop until the end of a musical passage. Keep doing this until you can play the passage with little or no mistakes. Hold your pick firmly in place, but keep your pick hand loose, yet in control. With both your pick hand, and your fret hand, learn to play with a light touch. Learn to completely relax your fret hand when pressure against the fretboard is not needed. When sliding up and down the fretboard, try not to even touch the back of the neck. If you can figure this out, everything else you learn will come easier and faster.
Learn slow solos first - no matter how much you want to you're not going to be able to jump straight in and learn something fast.

Start with something like Highway to Hell by AC/DC or All Right Now by Free.
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Thanks guys. Anything else? Like any good exercises out there that I could do? Or more songs with easy solos?
Knockin' on heaven's door -GnR version, 2 very easy solos, also the solos in Wish You Were Here- pink floyd.