my folk solo thing, minstrel blood, took a backseat for awhile. but i've recently gotten back on that horse. so check it out. i was up too late and decided to record something. so i put this mandolin riff to use that i've had kicking around for ages. and the song, about a breakup, just immediately poured out. thanks in advance!

"days of yore"
Alrite the music was excellent and I play irish trad so i know (kinda...)
The lyrics need work though. They don't fit the music really.
Unless your trying to be funny.

Keep up the good work!
it's supposed to be funny while still getting a real point across. kind of like ween. thank you!
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never heard of the sash? rofl.

edit: i just looked it up, i hear no similarities.
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edit: i just looked it up, i hear no similarities.

'my father was an orangeman in the grand old days of yore'

very explosively political..northern ireland and all that
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My, how you've grown up!

It's apparent that you never did cease to make me smile.

fi! i'm surprised you even remember me. i saw you on my MSN the other day but didn't say anything.

thank you.