Its a long shot finding someone from stockton on here who wants an emac but im selling my Emac g4 1.25ghz with 512mb of RAM running OSX Leopard. It is keyboardless but i will supply a non-apple mouse (keyboard available, see bottom!)

Here is the usual stuff you get in ads, ripped from my yet to be placed gumtree ad.:

It is a very competent machine, upgraded to 512mb RAM with a 32mb ATI 9200 graphics card and a 1.25ghz powerpc g4 processor. This is ideal for word-processing, web browsing, music and videos. I have used this computer for music editing and it coped extremely well. It is perfect for a bedroom machine and an excellent computer for a student or an ideal first computer for anyone wanting to switch to a macintosh.

It has a Sony CD writer combo drive, which writes CDs very quickly and is great for watching DVDs. For an indepth profile on this great machine, go here http://lowendmac.com/imacs/emac-2004-1.25-ghz.html

PowerPC g4 1.25ghz
40GB Hard Drive
Combo drive
32MB ATI Radeon 9200
OSX Leopard 10.5.6
3x USB
2x Firewire

To be honest I was suprised at how good this machine was, im only getting rid of it as i dont have the space for it and i want to put a HD tv in its place. I used it more than my Vostro 1500 laptop as it was just easier to use, despite being not as powerful on paper. The PowerPC g4 processor is still good today! As you can see, it is running the latest OS and therefore can do any tasks modern macs can. If you stick 2gb of RAM in this (cheap pc2700) then you would have a brilliant machine. Im gunna put pics up later when i can find the camera


£120 ONO

Also for sale:
I also have, which is NOT included in this price, an Airport Extreme wireless card (£15), an Apple wireless keyboard (the latest brushed metal one) with a USB Bluetooth receiver (needed for the keyboard) £35, an Elgato EyeTV TV receiver with EyeTV software CD £35 and a Wall mount/bracket for mounting the Emac (£10)

If you buy the lot including the mac then you can have it for £200 - i will only sell these bits separately once the mac has gone to give the buyer of the mac the option to get these
yea..im a mac fan..this is a good deal..let me see if i can raise the cash...
would you trade for anything??
hmm depends what you are offering. id prefer the cash to get my tv, but if the offer is good enough id consider it...

your profile says you are from down south though, thats a bit of a trek...
yea..it is
i could always arrange a courier..if that was ok with you?
not too hard, just box it and pad with paper..or towels..as i have experienced with a guitar.. :P
but if its too far dude dont worry
wellif i can find a box big enough id be happy to - if sent plenty of guitars and amps before, its just finding said box! ...and getting enough stuff to pad it with. Ill have a look mate

What were you thinking of trading?
well what would you expect in a trade? if there are things you are looking for i probably have them!
well all im really after is a new amp and a new tv. oh and an external hard drive. im getting the new tv from my brother though, he needs the money, but if you have a decent amp we could work something out - or a 1tb external hard drive.

If you have anything else you are trying to get rid of then let me know - there may be something i want but i just dont know it yet! Chances are there arent, but it cant hurt to run them by me
i have LOADS of external drives, i run tons of servers.
you prefer firewire or usb?
usb - thats awesome - got any 1TB ones? i was looking at a buffalo 1tb one for £74.99, was gunna get that with the money left over after the TV but if you have external drives....
These eMacs are great if anyone is thinking of getting it, I had one for years before I bought a Macbook Pro 2 years ago, it lasted me 6 or 7 years, solid machines!
^Thanks very much, i appreciate the input. He is quite right, these are very solid and competent machines - i wouldnt hesitate to keep it if i had the room for it.

I couldnt find the camera, but i took some pics on my phone which can be seen here:



anyone who knows their macs will see that this is the latest OS, Leopard running on it. if anyone desperately wants to see a video of it boot up to show its speed (which aint to shabby) then i can do a video if i eventually find this camera... but only if it is really necessary as its a real pain to do it!

oh and i found a box! its a weighty fella though, ill get a shipping quote for people
could a mod remove the "pickup stockton-on-tees" from the title as im now offering postage if thats possible? if that is not possible, any chance this could be deleted and i be notified? Dont want people not looking at this because they think they have to pick it up

meh maybe not..

anyway, the keyboard has gone. Still got the bluetooth adapter and all the rest of the stuff but i will be listing this on ebay later this evening, so get it while you still can!

I am selling all the stuff separately so you can buy whatever