Yeah, what title says, I need to know if they are good to play Iron Maiden style and Metallica.

EDIT: or a ltd LP would do the job?

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My friend says they are good for metallica with stock pickups.
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the lp would do it, but dont expect much more than the metallica-ish stuff. actually, you should get one of the prophecy lps
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Go with the LTD. They ususally have higher quality and better pickups.
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Well, humbuckers will provide the output and warmth needed for metal rhythm and lead tones. It's down to you whether you can actually play metal - no matter how good the guitar is, it won't play for you.

Plus, Les Pauls are used by a number of metal players - Metallica, (old) Trivium etc, so they can't be that bad for metal, can they?

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the epi les paul will work for metal as long as you have a decent amp.
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I'd say get the Epi or go for and LTD but only if its the 400 series or better, because the rest are kind crap in comparison to the epi IMO. Most of them have agathis wood which is terrible tone wood.
i dunno i use an Epi LP and a Marshall and play hardcore metal
I love metal and that's pretty much all I play. All my Epis seems to be fine for metal but I play metal thru all my guitars and don't find a problem with any of them.

If you can play metal, then the guitar can do metal. If you don't like the sound you get from the guitar, you can swap the pickups. If you like how they play, by all means get it.
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