Ok, I know this is based off Marcus Miller's famous bass (Which I played the fender version of....drool), but what exactly is "70's" about it?

I have heard that the bridge pickup is moved, is that true? I ask because I LOVE the "lead" pickup on my new bass, and I think the fender version might be in my future (If they make a maple necked version).

Just as an aside, the bass is just absolutely suberb. I have not played an instrument under $700 I liked as much. This is the first instrument I have EVER bought where on the wya home I was actually physically excited about, and I have not had one IOTA of buyers remorse...which is a fantastic sign.

Anyway, fantastic instrument, great in every way...I want another one!
Squier has really stepped it up lately with theri new basses. Their 5 active delux is the best bass I have played for the price.

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I love mine too. I even like the fretwork better than on american fenders because running up and down the neck is a lot smoother. Go figure.