So basically, being a poor person I am, I've decided to buy an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar and upgrade all hardware to replicate the Gibson Les Paul Standard (It will never be the same, but it will be cheaper.)

First of all guitar itself:
$800.00 USD

Gibson 490R Pickups $109.00 USD
Gibson 498T Pickups $109.00 USD

2 x 500k Linear Taper $20.00 USD
2 x 500k Audio Taper (Might add Push/Pull option) $20.00 USD

I read that the stock Epip LP Custom jacks were plastic
Some kind of high quality output jack $10.00 USD
3 way Gibson switch $10.00 USD

2 x caps $4.00 USD

$16.00 USD

All of these will come out to $1100.00 USD Approx. (Keep in mind most of hardware parts will be bought online so shipping costs should add up a bit as well.)

Given that, I could just get a real Gibson Les Paul Studio for $1319.00 USD which has pretty much everything I've listed above already upgraded without the hassle of ordering bunch of parts online and soldering it. Plus, it's a Gibson.


What do you guys think would be better?

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if your replacing the hardwear, you should just get the standard...
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Oops my bad, not Standard that things freaking $2700.00. I meant Les Paul Studio sorry.
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Just get the gibson it will have better resale value

This is true.

However, I have done the same thing with my epi (only I had a standard plus top so) and I love it, but I never intend on selling it
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Oops my bad, not Standard that things freaking $2700.00. I meant Les Paul Studio sorry.

In that case, I'd go with upgrading the EPI
Seeing as you're going to pay so much for the name itself, you may as well fork out the extra $200 for the Gibson and have a better chance of selling it on for a higher price. Personally if I was going for an LP I'd just buy an Agile and save a ****load
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look for an epi elitist. Same gibson parts, just made in Japan and no nitro finish
Elitist > Studio.
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Buy an Edwards, there was a few really nice ones for sale on Harmony-Central the last time I checked, for less than both those guitars, with a case.

The Edwards will sound and play better and has better pickups than either one of those guitars.
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Have you tried both guitars out yet. You will be very surprised at how nice the Epi is and if your lucky you might get a good Gibson to try out they are very incosistant IMHO. I can pick up two, three or four identicle LPs and they all are different in one way or another. It used to be that way with Epis but now they really got the consistancy down and their stock pups are much better now.

IMHO if you would be better off serching of a used mint LP with the specs you want or buying a use Epi LP and finding used parts for it on Ebay or Craigs List. I do it all the time and you can come up with a better guitar really cheap that will blow away one you paid big $$$ on.

Buying Gibson pickups is a waste seeing as actual Gibson players upgrade the stock pickups anyway.
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