Has anybody used this head in a live setting? I have the matching 212 cab already (which is amazing, btw) and I'm considering getting the head as an alternate. I play anything from blues rock, to classic rock, to modern hard rock, along with ska/reggae/country. No metal, basically.

Just curious how noisy it is, if there are any quality control issues, how articulate it is, etc., at gigging volumes.
It's quiet when compared to most tube amps I've been around. There's plenty of volume for just about any size gig in my opinion. To me it's one of the best amps available especially if you aren't looking for tons of gain without using stomp boxes. It has more built-in gain than any other Fender tube amp I've played, but it's still not on a gain level with a Marshall or Boogie.
Great amp.
A friend of a friend uses one to gig regularly, & I've watched them a couple times. Overall, a pretty decent amp with nice fluid tone. Articulates OK IMO, but I'm VERY particular about articulation quality. It's pretty good, but not great, but for its price, I certainly could not expect it to be any better. Cuts through the mix fairly well too, which is a plus. Not noisy at all. As dazman stated, you'll need an OD to get modern metal, but everything else can be done well. It seems to be very well-built, a great gigging amp.
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There's one on my local used listing site. I checked it out and it sounds really, really nice.

There should be some good demo videos on youtube.


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I have only played the combo, which was very good IMO for what you want to do. Free bump then I guess.
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mattrach uses one of those. sounds amazing.
if it would be an alternate whats ur main amp?
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My main amp is a Peavey JSX. I started a thread already about getting a second head, got some great suggestions, but this amp in particular has caught my attention so I figured I'd get a rant going here. I'm looking for something versatile *enough* (meaning, it does blues, rock, country, ska, very well, haha) with enough gain to handle leads, etc. I've demoed this head already at my local store, but of course they don't let you let the tubes breathe in-store. Grr. But yeah, I'm looking more for an 'alternate' and not a backup for my JSX because I would like to have a different tone, and something with a lower wattage for sure.
the amps is really nice. unlike most fenders, i feel like the cleans are this amps weakness.
it does actually have quite a bit of gain distortion available, its just hard to dial it in. It actually has 2 different gain knobs. you have to have the right balance to get very heavy.

also, the head doesnt have reverb. thats a huge problem for me.
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