Is it possible to take the truss rod out of a neck? I have a cheap strat type guitar that has a warped neck and the truss rod adjuster feels like its stripped. So can i take truss rod or even just the nut out?
You would probably need to use an easy out. That is a drill bit with reverse threads, and you just put that in the head of the bolt and screw it out.
I'm pretty sure you'd have to use a steam injector to remove the fingerboard first, then pull the rod out of the channel.

Edit: The truss rod adjustment bolts are usually welded to the rod, so you can't replace them easily.
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So i'd be better off with a new neck then, huh?
well thanks guys

Definitely. If the neck's warped, then you need to replace it anyway. That's an issue with the wood, and if you keep trying to correct with the truss rod, it'll still get worse.
mint is right. If something is genuinely warped... There's no point in trying to save it. your just postponing the inevitable