basically, yes.
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I wouldn't call what we have here on the Bass Forum a mentality. It's more like the sharing part of an AA meeting.

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Warwick Fortress>>Acoustic AB50

Yes--I have seen several.

If you are seriously thinking of getting one, my advise is to try out at least a double neck guitar or other double necked instrument. We have one at the studio and my observation is as such (for what its worth)

1. Look cool, but awkward as hell to play.
2. Heavy as lead. My shoulders, even with a thick wide strap felt the strain after about 30 minutes.
3. The convenience of it was far outweighed by the above issues.

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I guess I'm kind of like a hippie. I'm anti-war, do drugs, and like communism.
Your not a hippie, just a ****ing moron.
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The point of underground bands is their not popular or famous most of the time. Thus there is a good chance they suck.

it's a gibson, fear it (belonging to mike oldfield of tubular bells fame)

also, some more bizare examples

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that double neck jazz make me happy

yeah im not a HUGE fan of the JBASS shape but that slab-o-bass is sexy as ****. I would totally copulate sensually with it.
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*unzipppp* "Deal with this, wench."

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