Ok guys, I've just bought a Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008 - HS. At the shop I felt in love with its sound cranked up into a Mesa and the comfort of the neck. I was planning to change the guitar and I did it.

Now, at home, I am just comparing the sounds I get from the LP and my old yamaha 750 sg (~15yo, 2 humbuckers, mahogany body). I am using a number of different output devices (a VOX AC30 and a Line 6 Pod 2.0 in different configurations, namely marshall and mesa amp models).

First, the sound of the two guitars is very similar (when in the same pup configuration). The LP has maybe a fuller tone (both in clean and overdriven mode), while the yamaha has a little bit more of treble. But still, the difference is very light!

I also recorded the two guitars and noticed that the attack of the LP is more gentle than the yamaha (probably due to LPs burstbuckers?). In terms of sustain, the LP is very good but also my yamaha keeps up.

Ok ok.. the finish of the LP is beautiful.. and so the comfort. But.. I was expecting to find some evident sound differences with respect to my old yamaha. Instead, they are very subtle and hard to find.

So, do you think there is something wrong here? Should they be totally different? (btw, the two guitars are somewhat light, being that the LP has a chambered body)

If so.. do you have any other idea on testing the differences between these two guitars? How can I push the LP to a territory where it is clearly superior (if it is)?
Gibson vs Yamaha......the difference are there.
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If they're similar woods with similar electronics then what you're describing is to be expected.
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The older Yamaha guitars are pretty good axes. I had a SBG300(?) that kicked ars until a college roomie snapped the headstock off.

Edit: The differences in sound you hear are likely due to the quality of pups in the guitars.
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