hey guys, i got a build your own clone last christmas, the distortion+ one. i put it together with cheap solder and a cheap gun. and it didn't work so its been in a box in my closet for a year. I think whats wrong with it is a lot of the solder joints didn't actually bind to the circuit board and now they flop around some. but the wire is always in the loop thing so idk if that would mean it should still work.

Also, at one point, i soldered one of the holes shut and ended up holding the iron on it for at least a minute trying to get it unplugged, so i'm afraid i may have fried the circuit board.

So, i just put a new pickup in my guitar and now i feel solder savvy, i wanna try to fix it do you guys think i can still fix it? did i fry my circuit board? or do i just have to redo all the solder joints and it should work. i'm thinking of doing it anyways cause i don't really have anything to lose. except maybe time. so anyways, thanks a ton guys!
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Go back and check the solder points with a magnifying glass to find the bad ones. I did it with my first pedal. Then learned to use a good tip and .022 solder. I still check after Im done to see if there are any bad joints.