hey guys, im just starting to work on my sweep picking and i was wondering if anyone had some suggestions as far as scale patterns or other practice techniques that would be helpful...thanks
They're just fast arpeggios played with a flowing motion of the pick, an arpeggio is just a series of chord tones played separately. I say to start with the simpler 3 and 4 note patterns. Remember to only play as fast as you can play accurately.


Then, when you feel more comfortable, add the bottom end to that E minor arpeggio


And it's really up to you to choose where to begin and end on these things.

Hope it was helpful
What I did was starting with some Am 6 string sweeps.
Do these really slow untill it goes decent, then try an Am 3 string.
When I did it this way I could do the 3 string sweep perfectly in one go.

Also some 2 string sweeps that I use to play fast arpeggios
Repeat it a lot and do it with downstrokes, during the hammer on pull off you have time to position your hand back to the top and hit the 2 notes again.
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I just realized that i never knew what Sweet Picking is.. What is it? xD Exactly? :P

I'm having trouble reaching from the 7 to the 12, any tips?
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Lol, the best thing is for you to go on the tube and look up Yngwie Malmsteen's Arpeggios from Hell or Batio's No Boundaries ( of which portions are almost entirely sweep picked ). After that you can focus on the exact definition and technical aspects of it by looking up the gazillions of lessons on sweep picking on this site itself.

As far as answering the question posted by nick up there; I would say use your ears. Work horizontally along the strings first. Pick a key and horizontally pick out the notes of the arpeggio and then starting from each note of the scale construct an arpeggio, that can be sweep picked, to the highest note you can go without shifting positions. But the beauty of truly implementing sweeping comes from actually shifting positions and using those notes you learned horizontally to connect each sweep picking pattern together. The master of this was Jason Becker. Listen to him and try and use your ears to pick out some of his arpeggiated patterns. Of course if you lack the theoretical knowledge to do any of what I said you're better off learning a few basic patterns to keep you entertained and working on some serious theory; always remembering to use your ears, however.
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I'm having trouble reaching from the 7 to the 12, any tips?

Use your index finger on the 7th fret and the pink on the 12th. You shouldn't have a problem using those fingering. I'm assuming you're talking about the arpeggio pattern mentioned a few posts above.
on the 7 to 12, make sure your thumb is on the back of the neck. It's also very crucial for good technique.