Ok ive been playing for 1 1/2 years and im now stuck at a point where im not improving and dont know what to do. i want to practice and stuff. ive tried playing with a metronome and i dont even know if im playing rite. lessons in my country are rare and cost like 130 dollars a month (2 times a week) which i cant really afford. I got into this rut like 6 months ago but have been distratced by because of school and stuff. Now im inspired again and dont know what to do , what to practice. Please help people!
just keep practicing i felt like that for a while but then had a break through try different styles or try to play with some friends to keep it interesting
It's a very frustrating period for a musician. I know it sucks but don't give up. Playing with other people might be the best way to improve at this point, since you can actually see what things you're doing wrong (if the other players are better) and you will slowly but surely start figuring out what styles you like best at guitar.

Another thing that helped me was Youtube. All kinds of great videos on there to help you advance or get you on the right track.
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Learn to play a song that you know is way above your level.

That will effectively pull you out of this rut, and youll learn a LOT of stuff.
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Practice right. If I had to pick a single thing to improve someone's playing, it would be to slow down. Hardly anyone can instantly learn certain riffs at tempo first or even 20th try. Pick things apart learn how to do it SLOWLY, then you will actually know what's happening and you can slowly build speed. Hope this helps.
Perfect point^
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The world is a fucked up place.


"Oh I'll play the blues for you"