So with the recent price-drop at musiciansfriend.com, I'm going to order a B-52 AT-112. This means that I'll have about $80 leftover, and then another $100-120 or so after that.

Could you guys suggest anything to go with it? I was thinking maybe an MXR 10 Band EQ with the latter portion. I can't put them together, unfortunately, otherwise I'd try and get a better amp.

Thanks for any input.
That actually works out nicely. $99 for the TS-9, and then the rest on the MXR. I think I'll go with that, thanks. The TS-9'll be a nice boost.
speaker upgrade
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speaker upgrade

Any suggestions on what to upgrade with?
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Any suggestions on what to upgrade with?

Celestion V30 or Eminence Ledgend if you play metal. I suggest you dont speaker upgrade, I like the stock speaker.