right i really want to set up and midi controler for my rig

i need to be able to
have certain pedels on certain channels and i only want to set on one switch to do it

i have a peavey 6505
and the pedals i have will be as follows

going into front of amp

Boss FV500H volume pedal
Boss TU-2
Boss SD-1
mark tremonti power wah

effects loop

Boss DD-3
MXR Phase 90
Digitech Chorus factor
BBE Sonic stomp
MXR 10 band EQ

i only want the chours on the clean channel and i want to leave the bbe and eq on all the time
the delay id like to have the option of turning it on when need

ive heard of a g labs midi switching

but i cant buy it in the uk

can some one help me out
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hey dude. you can get the g labs midi controller in the UK, I remember seeing one in Sound Control, Edinburgh a few years back. you do realise that they cost £999 though? boss do a good MIDI controller, the name escapes me but i think its only around £160...

hope that helps.