Me and my buddies are doing this small show for a thing at school. We need a few metal songs that are somewhat well known and playable by intermediate musicians. We want to go pretty heavy with it, so the more brutal the better. We're going to play in front of our whole school, so I want it to be good.
Any ideas?
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most pantera, walk maybe, some System of a down, Slayer, Lamb of God, H.I.M. is actually pretty heavy, i dont know man just look through your itunes
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Raining Blood
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Raining Blood

It's heavy a fsck and not that hard to play.
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Try something by Six Feet Under.. Or Deicide.. Not very hard stuff... Though the Deicide vocals will be hard to match xD

If it's at school, well known Metal songs will go down better than something not very well known. I suggest something like Crazy Train or Enter Sandman, so the crowd can enjoy it as well.
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For songs with swearing in them, would you censor them or reject the song? If censor, then B.Y.O.B. by System of a Down would be good for a starting song, nice and fast. Before I Forget by Slipknot would be a good second song, because while it has a moderately paced intro, the breakdown is nice and calming. Raining Blood by Slayer is a slow, fast, fast, slow, song that would be hard for you to play due to the opening solo (Or Mosh 1 for you guitar hero players) but if you could pull it off it would be awesome.

Edit: If you perform songs that are on guitar hero, chances are more people would know them rather than some indie metal song.
Conquer all - Behemoth.
Hard vocals though.
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