Need advice

Currently upgrading amps so i can use pedals i've had for a while.

What are some good pedalboards to house 4-8 predominantly Boss/digitech stompboxes?

Good idea to buy used?

how does a power supply work in a pedalboard?

Grateful for any help, its not something i know much about.
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^ thats a good idea!!!
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likelihood of ****ing up when building one?
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What pedals do you have? The board is simply used to place your pedals on.

The supply powers your pedals all at once, that way you don't need 4-5 adapters.

This is a very good power supply:

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Small stone phase shifter
Vox Wah

thinking of a pitch shifter and chorus in future, but those are what i have atm
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That is meant to be a really good power supply. A friend of mine uses it and he showed it to me not so long ago. Its been tested on loads of pedals, and is really well priced. They have adapters for different brand pedals/connections, and the customer service (in enquiries at least) is excellent.
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Waste of money.

Board: 5$
Powerstrip: 5$
AC Adaptor: 10$
Daisy chain: 10$
Velcro: 10$

Total: 40$

That's assuming you don't have some of that stuff sitting around already.

except it comes with a 95 dollar power supply that is marked at that price for a reason. daisy chains can cut power to your pedals. not to mention the board is built like a rock, its heavy as hell, and it has a nice carrying bag. so i mean 120 for it is not a waste of money. the higher end pedal boards are the waste of money.
I got this for my birthday


Powers all your pedals and can switch voltages if you ever have modded pedals in the future. Power conditioner, stereo loop, even has a cable tester. I love it. I dunno if you're looking for something that though. They have smaller versions as well.
I agree with the guys above,pedal boards are ludicrously priced.If your a pro guitarist who gigs alot then it can come in handy but all it is really is a bit of wood that you arrange and fix your pedals to and then fix a power bus supply to power each pedal.If u can't be bothered building one and want to buy one,don't spend alot of $$$ on it!I got a cheap one from e-bay last year thats ideal for me,i jam with friends and it has come in handy.i gotta pic of it in my profile if you wanna check it out.the only thing i would to invest in when putting a board together is good quality patch cables.
I don't understand why you guys insist on spending money on these things. 'Building' a pedal board doesn't even really have to consist of building anything. You can just put velcro down onto a piece of wood. It's like putting a strip of tape down. It's absurd to think that anything you can buy is much better than something you can just throw together in a matter of minutes.
well put ^ zakk wyldes first board is just a bit of ply and some metal straps fixing the pedals to the board,nothin fancy about it!and it does the job.