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Peavey Vyper 15
3 27%
1 9%
Line 6 Spider 15
0 0%
Vox AD15Vt
2 18%
Vox DA5
0 0%
Epiphone Valve Junior with pedals
5 45%
Voters: 11.
I am getting a peavey vyper 15 for $100. I am getting this because it is the cheapest of the vyper series. Is this a good amp for that price?
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It's pretty good for the price. I liked it when I tried it. Try the MicroCube too though if you can.
For the price, it's a good amp. You should definately try out other smaller combos to see what sounds better to you.

Look at the Line 6 Spider 15, the Vox AD15Vt or the Vox DA5. You might be able to score a used Epiphone Valve Junior for that price but you would need pedals to get distortion if you can't turn it up loud.
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If your only starting out and not looking to gig anywhere i would say get it.
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As one said it, a valve junior would be hell of a better value for the 'investment' case, unless you're a casual player and just want something to dwaddle with.

Once you'll have had a taste of saturated power amp tubes, you won't want to know nothing about distortion pedals or modeling, just more overdrive, way more.
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I have one and I use it for headphone practice late at night. Not all the models are good and tweaking is a pain in the ass. but you can find some good tone out of a few of them.