Hey guys. I have an Ibanez PGM301, but I'm soon to be getting a Peavey 6505+ and I'm unsure what it will sound like through it. It currently has two DiMarzio PAF Pros and a JEM single coil, but does anyone have an idea of what new pickups would work best for playing alot of metal? Like SD 59 or JBs maybe... any help playsh?
dude! whats wrong with the pickups in there already?!
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dude! whats wrong with the pickups in there already?!

I'm just worried they will sound super harsh or cold.
I may be wrong, it's only a consideration. But I'm not a fan of PGs tone, and I'm thinking it could sound painful, considering I don't play shred or anything fast - I'm a rhythm player for metal and that's it. I just want to know if people have tried them through something like a 6505 and whether they sound good or whether I'd be better off with something else. I'm not being very clear.
The stock pgm301 pickups are nice. The dimarzio PAF pro sounds good and im sure it could easily do metal good. I tried a PGM recently and it felt and sounded amazing, im gonna have to save up to buy one soon.
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i wouldn't be too concerned about that combo man! just bring your guitar to the music store and rock that baby straight through the amo you're looking to buy.

anytime i am amp shopping i always bring my own guitar and play it through every different amp in the store. i am always super surprised at the amps i end up liking versus the ones i thought i would.

its more than just the combo of your guitar and the amp. each individual player has their own feel and touch on the guitar that affects the tone more than anything else. the way you pick and attack, the pressure on the fretboard, etc.

jeff beck is one of the best examples that comes to mind. how many times have you heard a strat through a marshall? all of a sudden, when you put a guy like beck in the mix, everything sounds totally different.
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